019: Listen to this Tomorrow-ish

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Untitled-8Jeff Hemmelgarn (@jeffhemmelgarn) is Principal and Co-founder of CPR Interactive a well-rounded, creative agency. He became a partner of the IMA and attended IMPACT14 along with the next guest and many other industry leaders.


mickMick Darling (@mickdarling) is founder and CEO of Tomorrowish. Entrepreneur and business owner in multiple industries, he has expertise in IT infrastructure deployment and maintenance, web 2.0 social networking, biotechnology, and brick and mortar retail. He has also done independent web consulting using Plone, Joomla, and other CMS systems.



CPR Interactive (ineedcpr.com) stands for Creative Presentation Resources. It is an interactive design agency that creates custom marketing and sales enablement assets including: ebooks, impact videos, sales training, product demos, infographics, web applications, and more.

Tomorrowish (@tomorrowish) is the 1st social media DVR. They capture, curate, and sync social media comments about your favorite shows so you can watch the social media activity in ‘real-time context’ whenever you watch the show even if it’s much later than when it originally aired. 


“A presentation is anything that you visually put on the screen… that explains what your message is in a quick and entertaining way.” – Jeff Hemmelgarn

“Visuals are processed by the brain thousands of times faster than text.” – Dominick Sirianni

“’If only you had a Tivo for your twitter feed’…[now you do!]” – Mick Darling 


Dominick opens the show thanking our veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day. He then takes us back to IMPACT14 for an interview with Jeff Hemmelgarn highlighting what his company does and some of the impactful elements of IMPACT14.

Next Dominick shifts to an interview with Mick Darling to discuss how he came up with Tomorrowish and even pulls in two IMPACT attendees who are the perfect customers for his product, Laura Petersen (@lsp_s) of Student-Tutor and Anna Sirianni of Sirton Publishing (including In the Zona magazine). 

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