020: Marketing Heavyweights from Microsoft and NOOK

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jeffJeff Marcoux (@jeffmarcoux) is the CMO-Lead of Worldwide Enterprise Marketing at Microsoft, an IMA Board Member, the Chairman of the Northwest IMA Chapter out of Seattle, and a Marketing Professor at UC Irvine’s Extension Program. At Microsoft, he drives cross product and team collaboration, supports product releases, brings new products to market, develops innovative content strategies and channels, and more.


jmJeanniey Mullen (@jeannieymullen) is V.P. of Marketing for NOOK by Barnes and Noble and she started as one of the first e-mail marketers — ever. She founded the Email Experience Council and has had her thumb on the pulse of the latest in digital and traditional marketing for the last two decades. She focuses on the reading experience in the digital world 



Microsoft (@Microsoft) is a multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, sells, and supports for its computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers.

NOOK by Barnes and Noble (@nookBN) offers e-reader devices, apps, and accessories to bring millions of books to its customers’ fingertips. 


“The ability to grow a company and a brand is based being able to impact each individual consumer and customer and really create an experience for them that seems extremely personal.” – Jeanniey Mullen

“Email will continue to be the backbone of all digital and mobile communications….Email is not going away.” – Jeanniey Mullen 


Jeff and Jeanniey share their unique paths to their current positions with these giants in the digital world.

Jeff talks about the many hats he wears and how he gets to work across many departments and products in his role with Microsoft.

Jeanniey discusses the different types of customers during the holiday season (and how you should adjust your message depending on which you are trying to attract) and how email will continue to be the backbone on digital relationships and revenue driving in the future. 

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