STATION CEO Joins IMA’s Executive Council

[:en]STATION’s CEO Jake Jacoby has accepted a position on the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) International Executive Council, which represents over one million digital marketing and business professionals worldwide.

Mr. Jacoby is a seasoned technology veteran and entrepreneur, and founder of STATION – a revolutionary mobile application and communication platform that is charting new territory in mobile search. Station is the local pulse of any area.

“We are thrilled to have Jake join the IMA International Executive Council,” said Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman of the IMA.  “STATION is among several transformational companies that are disrupting the search market, and is changing the way we discover and share what happening around us.  The implications for marketing professionals are numerous, presenting a tremendous opportunity for marketers to understand and capitalize on this digital trend.  Jake’s insight on our IEC will be instrumental in guiding our members on how to best do this.”

The IMA International Executive Council (IEC) is made up individuals representing large enterprise to smaller organizations and start-ups.  The IEC’s objective is to bring together a diverse set of leaders that can offer their collective expertise and vision from cutting-edge brands across technology, retail, financial services, and other sectors – to influence the Internet and digital marketing community around the world.

“I am honored to join the IMA International Executive Council, and exchange ideas with so many prestigious brands and thought-leaders that share a common goal of evolving the digital and social media space, which is really still just in its infancy stage,” said Jake Jacoby, CEO of STATION.  “Through STATION, I hope to share the newest technology with the IMA about the intersection of live mobile broadcasting and a much more focused, personal, and localized search experience for customers. This is something every modern marketer will be able to benefit from, and I look forward to working closely with IMA as we define this market together.

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STATION is a powerful broadcasting platform based on local discovery.  STATION shows you “What’s Going on Around You.” Users can share LIVE or recorded audio and video, pictures, and text, all linked to a specific location.  To learn more, visit[:]

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