031: Victor Cho CEO of Evite on Connected Business Models Part 1



Victor Cho is CEO of Evite. As an entrepreneurial teenager, Victor got an early start when he created a consulting business while in high school building relational database systems for the Seattle Public Schools. He later went on to work at Microsoft, lead Kodak Imagining Network’s Ofoto, and found BigLeap.org. Victor will also be a featured speaker at IMA’s IMPACT15 conference this September.


With more than 22 million registered users and over 25,000 invitations sent each hour, Evite (@evite) is the top online invitation and social planning website. Their goal is to increase meaningful human connection and make it easier to bring people together online and offline.


“How does your fundamental business model change in a world where you are literally bi-directionally connected to every customer, partner, supplier, and every other business?”


We are just at the earliest stage of realizing the impact of everyone in the world being connected on a single network. Victor Cho sits down with host Dominick Sirianni to share his personal and professional path to where he is today and give some insights into what he calls Global Ubiquitous Connectivity (GUC) and the Connected Business Model, which he will dive even deeper into in the next episode.

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Coming up!

– Episode 032 will feature Victor Cho’s presentation on tangible frameworks you can use as work to build value as a business with Evite as a case study. [link coming soon!]

– More from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, and more.

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