033: Laura Petersen, Co-Founder of Student-Tutor on Marketing Processes and Tools for Success



Laura Petersen (@lsp_s) Co-Founder of Student-Tutor earned her B.A. in Psychology from UCLA magna cum laude and went on to earn a Masters in Education, teaching Math and Psychology for 5 years before starting her successful tutoring and test prep company. An entrepreneur, lifelong learner, and master teacher, Laura loves finding ways to do better with less and leverage tools and tricks for better efficiency, productivity, and fun. She also helps the IMA with podcast write-ups, social media, and articles inspired by the guests.


Student-Tutor is a tutoring and test prep company that started in the Southeast Valley of Phoenix, Arizona but with online options has clients across the country and increasingly abroad. They excel at helping students raise their grades, increase their test scores, and earn thousands in scholarships to their top choice universities. Student-Tutor takes a team approach and uses technology to keep everyone communicating and accountable. Students, parents, teachers, coaches, tutors, and the S-T staff all work toward S.M.A.R.T. goals together.


“As an entrepreneur in the beginning you really have to jump into that learning curve and learn as much as you can before you can even think about paying someone else and turning it over.” — Laura Petersen

“What are the tools I can download today and start using tomorrow that will make me more effective?” — Dominick Sirianni


Laura Petersen joins the conversation today and shares with Dominick how she went from a purely academic-focused student to a math and psychology teacher to a successful entrepreneur. With strong roots in Education and Psychology, Laura looks for ways to optimize her tutoring company’s time and resources while delivering better content and support to its clients. She shares with us the first of an on-going series of tips, tricks, and tools for marketers and business people to do more with less. Leaving the general and diving into the specific, listen for Laura’s smart business hacks in future episodes.

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Coming up!

– Lots of tips and tricks from Laura including Basecamp, Optimizely, and more!

– Next week: Common Threads Between Educational and Marketing Storytelling with Diane Senffner, the CEO of Cine Learning Productions

– Entertainment Marketing with Claudio Ludovisi, the Senior Vice President, Marketing and Digital, Operational Strategy at NBC Entertainment

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