037: Chris Moody, Director of Marketing at Oracle on Content Marketing


MoodtyChris Moody (@cnmoody) is the Director of Marketing for Content and Social at Oracle Marketing Cloud. Chris’s relatively small team develops the content and shares it via social media that helps Oracle stay on top of the industry providing marketers of all stripes with the products and services they need to stay ahead. Chris has dedicated himself to helping educate marketers through speaking engagements and the weekly Content Pros podcast.


Oracle (@oracle) — the second largest software maker in the world after Microsoft — unleashes innovation and enables its 400,000+ customers in over 145 countries to deliver the best experience to their own customers by simplifying IT. In 2014, Forbes listed Oracle’s brand as more valuable than AT&T, Walmart, Verizon, and Budweiser. With 38.3 billion dollars in brand revenue, Oracle sells more than Ralph Lauren, Visa, EBay, Gucci, and Rolex combined. Oracle is also one of the major sponsors of the IMA.


“You need lots of different types of content to figure out what’s working and then you can be more agile and say ‘ok so for our business we may need more of the high-quality content to bring them in and then as the progress through the funnel they really want user stories or they want very detailed blog posts.’” – Chris Moody


According to this episode’s guest, there has been growth in technology and the tools we can use, but their application and the success level marketers see has not really changed. We need to focus on the fundamentals of being proactive, communicating well, tracking to see what works, and then replicating successes. Chris Moody shares insights he’s learned from Oracle as well as his own podcast and marketing efforts. What tools does he use? When does he prefer to avoid fancy tools and stick to old-fashioned common sense? Find out by listening above!

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Interview Mentions:

022: Andrea Ward the VP Of Marketing for the Oracle Marketing Cloud

028: Steve Olenski also of the OMC and Julie Lyle of the CMO Club about Oracle’s CMO Solution Guide.

Video: How to set-up for great audio recording quality for podcasts $23

036: David May Director of Web at Chapman University

Tech Tip

Laura Petersen (@lsp_s) co-founder of Student-Tutor is back with another marketing tool tip.

– On Episode 033 Laura introduced us to Asana.

– This week she shares another project and task management tool option: Basecamp. Use Basecamp for internal and even external teams to communicate, stay on top of projects and goals, and improve accountability and transparency.

– Next time we will look at a tool you can use immediately for A/B split testing and analytics.

– Have a tool review request? Email Laura at lpetersen@imanetwork.org

Coming up!

– Chris will be back for a more in-depth presentation on content marketing plus you have a chance to ask him a question that might help you or your business! Email podcast@imanetwork.org and Dominick will make sure Chris answers it on a future show.

– Next week Jeff Marcoux is back. Jeff is the CMO lead for Microsoft. He’s also an IMA Board Member and Chairman of the Northwest IMA. We talk a lot about the Marketing Cloud on this show and it would be helpful to spend a little time actually defining what that is.

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