038 Pat Boulard on the Intersection of IT and Marketing and the Importance of Data Driven Decision Making


pat-boulard1Pat Boulard (@patboulard) is co-founder and managing partner of Axellium where his experience with IT, Operations, and Data helps companies increase productivity and performance. Pat is also Chief Operating Officer and Head of the Research Lab here at the Internet Marketing Association. As an IMA member, you’ve received emails from Pat with valuable information about our industry and asking how you use internet marketing techniques in your business. Pat aggregates that data and produces a series of informative research reports for IMA members and partners.


Axellium (@axellium) is like a fitness program for corporations. Using unique methods and toolsets they help reveal hidden opportunities for improvement, deliver actionable insight with a quantified sense for expected impact, and help achieve results through project execution. Clients have included Toyota, UCI, Toys R Us, CoreLogic, Dignity Health, Quiksilver, Roxy, and more.


“Nowadays marketing touches everything and everything is marketing one way or another.” – Pat Boulard

“The average American gains about 1 pound of additional weight a year. We view businesses kind of doing the same thing and all of the sudden what enabled the last round of growth might actually stand in the way of the next one.” – Pat Boulard


Pat Boulard shares his background and how he came to leverage his operational and technology experience to found Axellium and take a leadership role with the IMA. Dominick and Pat discuss how over time we have seen the goals and roles of the CIO and CMO converge and necessitate increased teamwork.

Technology is a powerful means to an end and Pat challenges us to look at how we are leveraging it in our own companies. With the IMA, part of his role is to gather member data and feedback and share finding back out to the membership. To see more go to IMA Home Page > Resources tab > IMA Research Lab Monthly Reports.

Pat also encourages everyone to participate. Take the surveys, comment, email, ask questions, and voice feedback. You can reach out on Linkedin, join us at IMPACT15 this September, and if you are in the Orange County area, he is a coffee lover.

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Interview Mentions:

– Ten Republican 2016 Presidential candidates were being quizzed in Iowa at part of the Family Leadership Summit as Dominick recorded this episode. The guy asking the questions was Frank Luntz who was a guest on this podcast in Episode 024. Frank is a pretty direct guy. He even spelled out how Republican candidates fail to master internet marketing and social media to their own detriment. Look for him to return as a guest again in the future.

– Sinan Kanatsiz – as a teenager – was making $80,000/year at the Olive Garden because of his infectious personality and networking ability. Listen to more from IMA Chairman in Episode 001.

– Victor Cho CEO of Evite shared how the business model paradigm has changed. Learn more in Episode 031 and Episode 032.

Coming up!

– Chris Moody will return with more indepth info to follow up on Episode 037. Email podcast@imanetwork.org if you have a question Dominick should ask Chris.

– Jeff Marcoux is coming up soon. He is the CMO lead for Microsoft, an IMA Board Member, and Chairman of the Northwest IMA.

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