31 Marketing Tweetables You Can Tweet Right Now


By Laura Petersen, Co-Founder of Student-Tutor and IMA Individual Contributor

This year I have decided to embrace Twitter. And I’ve become a bit of a fan for business and personal use. But it can take some time to compose and curate valuable tweets to share with your audience.

If you use Twitter to share relevant, interesting, and funny tidbits with your followers – specifically on the topic of #marketing – here are some unbeatable tweetables you can steal and use, today.

Follow these simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Copy a tweet
  • Step 2: Paste tweet into your twitter
  • Step 3: Hit “Tweet” button


  • Step 1: Click the “Tweet this!” link next to each tweetable. Voilà!

Done and done!


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Tweetables: Marketing Stats, Quotes, and Articles

Source for tweets #1-7: Social Media Examiner 2014 Report

1. 72% of #marketers say they use #socialmedia to develop loyal fans. Tweet this!

2. 68% of marketers surveyed in @SMExaminer report analyze their #socialmedia activities. Do you? Tweet this!

3. #Success depends on your ability to measure and understand your efforts. #contentmarketing @SMExaminer Tweet this!

4. 64% of #marketers use #socialmedia 6 hours/week or more. 37% for 11 or more. 19% more than 20 hours. http://bit.ly/RPlMX6 Tweet this!

5. [Surprise] The younger the marketer, the more time he or she spends on social media. @SMExaminer Tweet this!

6. “Of those who have been using social media for at least 1 year, 69% found it useful for building loyal fan base.” http://bit.ly/RPlMX6 Tweet this!

7. Self-employed marketers more likely to use blogging (62%) than large businesses (50%). http://bit.ly/RPlMX6 Tweet this!

Source for tweets #8-16: Twitter Blog

8. #Social #Tip: Keep a calendar of upcoming live events and prepare ways to engage in advance. Tweet this!

9. 81% of people are more likely to take action from info shared on #Twitter. Tweet this!

10. 51% of people say Twitter influenced their consideration of a travel brand. Tweet this!

11. Twitter Ads drive leads at one-third the cost of other paid channels. Tweet this!

12. Auto brand Twitter followers nearly 3x as likely to purchase a new car. Tweet this!

13. Millennials say they use #Twitter because it brings fun and laughter into their lives. Tweet this!

14. Millennials think #Twitter enhances live experiences. How do you leverage this? Tweet this!

15. 80% of millennials access #Twitter on a #mobile device. Tweet this!

16. Use organic success to inform paid strategy. #twitterads Tweet this!

Source for tweets #17-22: Marketing Tech Blog

17. 46% of web users look to #socialmedia when making a purchase. Tweet me!

18. 70% of B2C #marketers have acquired customers through #Facebook Tweet me!

19. Over 90% say they follow businesses on #Twitter to get discounts & promotions. Tweet me!

20. 83.8% of luxury brands have a presence on #Pinterest. Did you know? Tweet me!

21. 90% of US online speciality retailers use #Pinterest Tweet me!

22. Top 5 Reasons Why People Follow Brands on #SocialMedia [infographic] http://bit.ly/1vDa9PR Tweet me!

Source for tweets #23-31: Miscellaneous and indicated in tweet

23. Companies that publish new blog posts 3-4 posts/week generate 5x more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all. http://bit.ly/1fxY087 Tweet me!

24. 50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing http://bit.ly/1fxY087 Tweet me!

25. “Red images get more repins than blue images on #Pinterest.” via @rocket_post Tweet me!

26. An email that includes social sharing buttons drives click through rates by 158%. via @rocket_post Tweet me!

27. “78% of CMOs think custom #content is future of marketing.” via @beewitsapp @HanleyWood http://bit.ly/50Stat Tweet me!

28. A/B Testing doesn’t mean you have two players; it means you have one variable http://bit.ly/Z08qV4 Tweet me!

29. Gmail tested 50 shades of blue for their CTA color and found the highest converting shade via @neilpatel http://bit.ly/1f3xgyn Tweet me!

30. 11 Ways to Improve Your Calls to Action http://bit.ly/1f3xgyn via @neilpatel Tweet me!

31. 9 Formatting Tactics That Will Double Your Readers’ Average Time on Page http://bit.ly/1M7jStI via @neilpatel Tweet me!

Tweet-Writing Done for the Day!

2015_07_f2bHopefully this list of tweetables gets you moving on your social media goals. If nothing else, schedule one to go out per day for a whole month!

As a suggestion, Hootsuite is a great free option for managing the scheduling of posts. Compose or curate your tweetable content in batches to best leverage your time and mental focus. Then, when you check back into Twitter throughout the day you can concentrate on engaging with others and use Twitter to the fullest.

See you in the Twittersphere.

PS: Know of other great marketing tweets I can add to the list? You know what to do!

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