Utilizing Inbound Marketing to Optimize Lead Gen

Lead Generation Evolved, an eBook

Inbound marketing is taking a much bigger role in overall marketing efforts for nearly every business. The purpose of this strategy is to generate leads. As technology continues to develop and new online properties become available; content will continue to take priority to generate leads. Looking ahead at all the various channels that are involved businesses will need to know a few basic strategies and other key components.

Learn how to utilize inbound marketing to optimize lead gen.

  • Define a lead for your business
  • Choose the technology that will facilitate opportunity
  • Set your company goal, benchmarks and engagements
  • Perfect your channels and strategies with a clear end goal

Read the eBook here: http://bit.ly/1fMo70W

ytelAuthored by 

Hanna Smolan, 

Ytel, Inbound Marketing Specialist

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