041: Why IT Doesn’t Really Care About Marketing Tasks with Unbounce Co-founder Oli Gardner

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oli-gardner-unbounceOli Gardner (@oligardner) grew up in Scotland. He is an introvert. His first job was in a beehive factory. He thought he would become a sound engineer and got a Masters in Semiconductor Design. But lately he’s continued to help grow the company he co-founded in 2009, taken an extreme solo photography trip in the SouthWest (amazing pics here), and worked on being a professional insomniac.



Unbounce (@unbounce) is a landing page builder for professional marketers. It provides the easiest way available to create, publish, and A/B test desktop and mobile-responsive landing pages without the need for IT or developers. Using their template library you can build click through, lead gen, sales letter, and video landing pages in minutes.


“We wanted to empower marketers to do their own work and free up IT from not working on menial web tasks they don’t want to do. So you are benefiting everyone.”


Oli Gardner – 1 of 6 co-founders of Unbounce – shares his personal background (entertaining!), how he moved from Scotland to Canada, his coincidental connection to the date of 9/11, and the history of starting his successful company that helps marketers do their job better. Oli goes on to share a story that no one in the world has heard before and describes how when he hires he looks for people who not only embody their 6 core values but also have G.A.S. (listen to hear what this stands for).

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Interview Mentions:

– Thanks to Erik Leist here at the IMA. He uses Unbounce for IMA goals and helped bring together today’s interview with its co-founder.

– Tools mentioned that can integrate: Infusionsoft, SalesForce, Marketo, MailChimp, Aweber

– Website Optimizer tools: Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Unbounce Blog: Lots of free, quality info for marketers

Episode 030: Rand Fishkin of MOZ

– Send Dominick an email at podcast@imanetwork.org so we can share your story and help you achieve your goals. We want to feature more IMA members on future episodes.

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