042: IMA Founder and Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz on the IMA and IMPACT15


sinanSinan Kanatsiz (@SinanKanatsiz) is Founder and Chairman of the Internet Marketing Association in addition to his role as CEO of KOMM. Sinan holds a B.A in Communications, with an emphasis in Computer Science and Public Relations as well as a dual Master’s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership from Chapman University. He is also Founder of Generation NeXt and member of the New Majority.


The Internet Marketing Association (@IMA_Network) is a professional organization that, since its inception in 2001, has accrued a global membership in various fields including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming and creative development. Sinan started IMA with four key values as a foundation for success in today’s highly competitive business environment: integrity, communication, professionalism and education. Membership is free. Join!


“The general idea of the IMA was to bring professionals like us together in a way that provoked thought-leadership, networking, business experiences, and life experiences.”


Our Chairman and Founder sits down with Dominick to share insights on the inception of the IMA (back in 2001!), how it is impacting business globally today (listen for story of most recent member in Nigeria), and the exciting things we can expect from the much-anticipated IMPACT15 next month at the Aria in Las Vegas.

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Interview Mentions:

Speakers at IMPACT15 including many of our podcast’s guests:

– Darian Shirazi, CEO Radius (episode 15 and 17)

– Victor Cho, CEO evite (episode 31 and 32)

– Claudio Ludovisi, former Sr. VP of NBC Entertainment (episode 35)

– Jeanniey Mullen, NOOK VP of Marketing (episode 20)

– Jeff Marcoux, CMO Microsoft (episode 20, episode 21, & episode 27)

– Christoph Trappe, Director of Content Marketing MedTouch (episode 5 & episode 26)

– Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO (influencer of guest on episode 26)

– Andrea Ward, VP Marketing Oracle Marketing Cloud (episode 22)

– Pat Boulard, Co-founder Axellium (episode 38)

– Still on the fence about IMPACT15? Listen to episodes 11, 13, 14 which were recorded live last year)

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Impact 15:

Annual conference held this September 23-25 in the beautiful Aria in Las Vegas – join us! impact15.org

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