043: Authentic Storytelling and Eliciting Emotional Responses

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laurenLauren Burgoyne (@TheDailyZona) is the founder of The Greater Purpose Project (#GPP) and Great Purpose Productions. She is also a former executive producer of Destination Arizona Television (DAZTV) where she was a TV host, anchor, reporter, and executive producer in the fields of entertainment, news, sports, and travel.



The Greater Purpose Project (@GreatPurposePro) is a non-profit organization that is “One part Documentary, One Part Philanthropy, and ALL Heart.” GPP is a positive news outlet, documentary, and School Heroes Tour that introduces us all to a new league of everyday superheroes who are overcoming adversity and inspiring others.


“This isn’t just important because this is something people are going to click on…it’s about making people laugh, making people think, and maybe making people cry.”


Lauren joins Dominick to share how she went from TV anchor and executive producer to starting her own production company and the non-profit The Greater Purpose Project which gives a platform to sharing stories of everyday heroes.

Dominick picks Lauren’s brain to learn how she decides which stories to tell and identify which will have the best impact. Lauren also discusses how GPP enlists the help of celebrities to further market the positive message and stories. She then offers advice on how to share authentic stories and get increased media attention for marketing effectiveness.

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