IMPACT15 Homework Assignment


By Dominick Sirianni, VP of Operations, Primavera and VP Interactive Education, Internet Marketing Association

Earlier this month, I spent time with IMA Founder and Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz in beautiful San Clemente, CA. Sinan joined me as a guest on Episode 042 of IMA Leader. One of the tenets of our conversation was the upcoming IMPACT15 conference in Las Vegas September 23rd-25th.

The importance of networking at events like IMPACT cannot be overstated. Leveraging the online education components of the IMA with face to face events can have a significant impact on your effectiveness as a marketer.

Several of the speakers at IMPACT this year have been guests on our show over the last 11 months. Listen to those shows and then find these incredible thought leaders at the conference. You’re a member of the most influential internet marketing organization in the world. Leverage your access, expand your network, and increase your knowledge all at once.


All of the guests on our show are IMA Members personally and they are incredibly approachable. Several have given their personal e-mail addresses out and encouraged other members to contact them that way or via social media.

To give you the “cheat sheet” to help you in this networking endeavor and keep you abreast of the most current insights from leaders in marketing and business, here are some highlights of the guests on our show who will also make an appearance on stage at the Aria:

  • Darian Shirazi, CEO Radius (episode 15 and 17)
  • Victor Cho, CEO evite (episode 31 and 32)
  • Claudio Ludovisi, former Sr. VP of NBC Entertainment (episode 35)
  • Jeanniey Mullen, NOOK VP of Marketing (episode 20)
  • Jeff Marcoux, CMO Microsoft (episode 20,  21, and 27)
  • Christoph Trappe, Director of Content Marketing MedTouch (episode 5 and 26)
  • Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO (influencer of guest on episode 26)
  • Andrea Ward, VP Marketing Oracle Marketing Cloud (episode 22)
  • Pat Boulard, Co-founder Axellium and COO of the IMA (episode 38)

Still on the fence about attending IMPACT15? I encourage you to listen to episodes 11, 13, 14 which were recorded live last year and to Sinan’s episode 42. Register here before it sells out:

And if you are an IMA member and want to share your story and industry expertise on the air with our audience, send me an email at See you in Vegas, Baby.

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