Why IT Doesn’t Really Care About Marketing Tasks

2015_08_f8By Oli Gardner, Co-Founder, Unbounce

Oli Gardner (@oligardner) grew up in Scotland. He is an introvert. His first job was in a beehive factory. He thought he would become a sound engineer and got a Masters in Semiconductor Design. But lately he’s continued to help grow the company he co-founded in 2009, taken an extreme solo photography trip in the SouthWest (amazing pics here), and worked on being a professional insomniac.

In this IMA Leader Podcast series interview, Oli Gardner, 1 of 6 co-founders of Unbounce – shares his personal background (entertaining!), how he moved from Scotland to Canada, his coincidental connection to the date of 9/11, and the history of starting his successful company that helps marketers do their job better. Oli goes on to share a story that no one in the world has heard before and describes how when he hires he looks for people who not only embody their 6 core values but also have G.A.S. (listen to hear what this stands for).

Unbounce also invites you to their Call to Action Conference in Vancouver September 14-15th! They are offering all IMA members 25% off. You can register or learn more by clicking here.

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