044: Mark Organ Founding CEO of Eloqua and Influitive on Advocacy Marketing


markMark Organ (@MarkOrgan) is the founding CEO of Eloqua which now forms the foundation of the Oracle Marketing Cloud and the founder and CEO of Influitive. He has spent a career starting successful companies. A serial entrepreneur since he was a kid, he started a custom software business in high school and a house painting business in college. Now his greatest professional passions include creating new billion dollar categories in technology and developing new leaders.


Influitive (@influitive) helps B2B companies capture customer enthusiasm and use it to turbocharge marketing and sales efforts for more rapid and profitable revenue growth. Through Influitive’s AdvocateHub platform, B2B marketers can generate more of the referral leads, customer references, social buzz, success stories and product reviews that are crucial to reaching buyers who rely increasingly on recommendations from knowledgeable peers.


“As a marketer the most important thing that you can do to drive your success, your company success, is to surround your buyer with social proof.”


Mark shares his background as an entrepreneurial kid in high school and college to some fascinating insights into the mission and beginnings of Eloqua and Influitive. Dominick and Mark then discuss predictions for the future of marketing. Listen to see where things are going!

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