045: Grab Attention and Legitimacy Using a Podcast with Former US Marine Timothy Lawson

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tomothy-lawseonTimothy Lawson (@TimLawson21) is a former marine who transitioned after his service into pursuing a passion for journalism and specifically podcasting. He is the founder of Lawson Entertainment and host of numerous successful podcast series including the One 2 Many Project (on Twitter @One2ManyProject) which addresses the crisis of veteran suicide through the podcast and live events.  



“It’s going to cost a little more but we are going to create a show for you, branded for you, your message will be there…targeting an audience you’re already trying to market to.” – Timothy Lawson


Timothy Lawson shares his podcasting experience through numerous popular shows and some actionable tips for how you can do the same and why it could greatly benefit your business. It’s easier and more profitable than you may think!

Dominick and Timothy also discuss an important issue facing our country: veteran suicide. This is an issue close to Timothy’s heart and he discusses how we can all help through empathy and creating an open space to talk openly.

Later, Dominick shares interesting stats about podcasts and podcast listeners. You may be surprised to hear positive survey responses about advertisements heard on podcasts! Dominick then reveals some behind the scenes from how a 20 minute skype interview with a thought-leader turns into far more with the help of team members like Laura Petersen and others. Hear how the IMA leverages the podcast for the benefit of its community and how you can too for your audience.

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Annual conference held this September 23-25 in the beautiful Aria in Las Vegas – join us! impact15.org. Breaking news: Dominick will be hosting a live interview during #IMPACT15 5-7pm on Thursday September 24th!!

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