046: What is the Marketing Cloud and Why Do I Care?



jeffJeff Marcoux (@jeffmarcoux) is CMO-Lead at Microsoft, Chairman of the Northwest IMA out of Seattle, and a Marketing Professor at UC Irvine’s Extension Program. At Microsoft, he has driven cross product and team collaboration, supported multiple product releases, bringing new products to market, innovative content strategies, channel development, and acquisition integration work.




Microsoft (@microsoft) is a multinational technology company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 with headquarters in Redmond, Washington that employees over 128,000 and was named as the 4th most valuable brand in the world in 2014. It develops, manufactures, licenses, sells, and supports for its computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers.


“We as marketers are looking for that one-stop shop where I can get everything I can possibly need and just have it work.” – Jeff Marcoux


Often used, but not always understood, Jeff defines the term “the marketing cloud.”  Hear more about the promise of delivering a unified marketing solution for optimal customer experience then about what changes are occurring with the emergence of the Internet of Things, machine learning, predictive marketing, and more. How do we as marketers bring this together?

Jeff and Dominick look more in depth at Microsoft’s approach and the four stages of data analytics and how the shift to predictive and prescriptive analytics helps us do even better. Jeff names the big players in Marketing Cloud development from great startups, to large well-known brands, to point solutions and how to choose what is best for your company.

Look for Jeff and Microsoft on the main stage at #IMPACT15 with surprise guest you will not want to miss!

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