Together we are Giant


This year, World Series Champion San Francisco Giants will be joining the IMPACT15 main-stage to discuss their innovations in Internet Marketing. Tom McDonald, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the San Francisco Giants; Jack Boland, President at Baker Street Advertising; and Brian Bacino, Chief Creative Officer at Baker Street Advertising will be joining our list of speakers to present “Together We’re Giant” on the IMPACT15 stage.

Baker Street Advertising helped the San Francisco Giants launch an integrated campaign that became a religion among fans, players, coaches, and the media by discovering a game changing insight within the framework of a sophisticated segmentation model. Then we unleashed creative based on that insight that quickly sold tickets and spawned waves of engagement, resulting in a National League record 360 sellouts over the last 4+ seasons, and a thriving digital content platform built upon this core belief. You will not want to miss the Discovery, Creativity and Proof of “Together We Are Giant,” exclusively at IMPACT15.

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Cracking the Code of Big Data

Former P&G Research Fellow, and Founder of Baker St Solutions, demonstrates how to deliver maximum personal contribution to your business, and therefore to your career advancement, by cracking the *consumer* code with data analysis. Marketers very often say ‘What should be done’ to build a business, but Don will show it is far more important to know Why it should be done, and How to prove it should be done — with the power of data you may already have. The secret lies in causality, context, and clarity of the thinking.