048: Bleeding Edge Digital Publishing with PageCloud CEO Craig Fitzpatrick


craigCraig Fitzpatrick (@Craig_Fitz) is Founder and CEO of PageCloud. Craig has dedicated his life to technology. “Not for technology’s sake, but for its ability to elevate people. The greatest gift of technology is its ability to enrich our existence and empower us. I don’t believe that technology and humanity need to be in a constant battle; I believe that they are better when they work together.”



PageCloud (@PageCloud) was created on the premise that for far too long we have been building on the Internet in a manner that excludes so much of the world’s population. Craig Fitzpatrick: “It’s not good enough anymore. I want to create a world where everyone has equal access to be creative, and to share with the rest of the planet. I view it as a basic digital human right to create and share from equal footing – and I believe so much more good will come from that experience.”


“1% of the population knows how to do this code thing…the other 99% is reliant on these people. That’s two orders of magnitude of people that are not yet able to open a browser, create something, and hit save.” – Craig Fitzpatrick


Ninety-nine percent of us are reliant on the other one percent. This isn’t a financial diatribe. Only one percent of the population can generate the code needed to materialize substance on a blank web page. The rest of us either have to ask very nicely, or pay the one percent, for their services or use a digital publishing tool. Dominick sits down with Craig Fitzpatrick, the founder and CEO of PageCloud, which is, as Dominick says, “the sexiest and easiest digital publishing platform I’ve seen.”

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