11 must-see takeaways from IMPACT15

Las Vegas from the Internet Marketing Association’s annual IMPACT conference

Just over a week ago, leaders from across the globe converged on Las Vegas from the Internet Marketing Association’s annual IMPACT conference. From the over 250 brands represented, hundreds of partners and scores of facilitators there was an immense amount of knowledge shared and some exciting announcements made. Below are 10 of the standouts.

The Internet of Things will make all marketing digital

The Internet of Things means all of the devices around us, in our homes, at work, while shopping, when visiting the DMV, or driving next to us on the freeway will be connected. They’ll know who we are, where we are, and when we are there. Darin Archer, Director of IoT Industry Solutions at Intel describes how IoT will completely change the paradigm of marketing and the relationship between business and consumer.

Unlock the power of images in your marketing campaigns

Curalate enables brands to connect visual content to commerce, empowering millions of people daily to easily purchase the products they want from the brands they love. Harnessing the latest trends in consumer behavior, Curalate is our Progressive Company of the Year.

Understand the customer with predictive analytics

John Hurley, Head of Product Marketing at Radius empowers B2B companies with predictive marketing software in order to build deeper relationships and reach out to the right customers.

Drones- a higher perspective

Drones are not just some toy seen flying around at the park; 5 CEO’s of the top 25 drone companies spoke out on how drones will soon revolutionize industries such as agriculture, mining, construction, transportation and energy among many others.

On Second Thought

Winner of our Startup Venture Battlefield, On Second Thought is a messaging app that lets you recall SMS and MMS messages that is storming the market, and keeping you out of trouble.

Evite and Pledgeling announce partnership

Announced for the first time at our conference, leading digital invitation service Evite and charitable donations company Pledgeling join forces for the greater good. Evite will now include a donation option for guests as part of their event options.


Since 2001 the IMA has grown to a global membership of 200 professional groups, 250 business partners and we continue to expand across the globe daily. Become a leader and launch a group in your area, the Internet Marketing Association has no boundaries.

Technology will transform every aspect of our lives

Justin Miller and Mark Janes, co-founders of ConnectedYard discussed in our Startup Venture Battlefield how they are transforming how we think of our back yard. Their first product, pHin, simplifies pool care by measuring chemical levels and notifying you via their mobile app to add premeasured pods to your pool when your pool or hot tub needs a little TLC.

Out with the old – In with the new

People don’t like change , but you have to push. Drew Matthews, Director of Infrastructure at Ytel stresses the importance of making the jump to modern telecommunication services and the positive impact it will have on the efficiency of your business.

Data has almost no meaning, therefore little value without Context

If Big Data was like gold in the Sierras, why isn’t everybody rich? Don Donovan, Founder and CEO of Baker Street Solutions presented case studies explaining it is because you need the power of causality, context, and clarity of thinking to crack the code.

Google launches partner rewards

Google Partner Rewards recognizes web agencies who push for innovative solutions, launch exciting campaigns for new clients, and help others grow their business on the web. It gives instant access to discounts, perks and challenges for your team. Remember, you must be a badged Google Partner agency to sign up.

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