047: Marketing Automation by Phone with DialogTech CEO Irv Shapiro


0642ee2Irv Shapiro (@irvshapiro) is the CEO of DialogTech, a cloud telephony company based in Chicago that focuses on marketing automation. Irv’s long history of founding and running companies got him inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame. He is a senior executive with over 35 years of computer technology industry experience and deep technology and management expertise.



DialogTech (@DialogTech) is the Global Leader in Call Analytics and Automation. They provide marketing, sales, and support professionals with a single platform that enables transparency and control over every conversation, so companies can optimize lead generation, acquire new business faster, and increase customer loyalty.


“…seeing a doubling of call volume over the next few years into inside sales organizations … driven by this phenomenon of the mobile device.” – Irv Shapiro


Though a lot of transactions in your world today are probably 100% online, many (especially the higher value ones) require at least one phone call between your company and your prospective buyer. Whether inbound or outbound, getting someone to go from a browser of your website to a live telephone call is a critical conversion point in the sales cycle.

Dominick and guest Irv Shapiro talk about how the increase in mobile device use is swinging the pendulum of human buying behavior back toward the telephone and how you can make sure you are ready to provide and sell.

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