052 Visual Marketing with Curalate Chief Marketing Officer Matthew Langie


mattMatt Langie (@MattLangie) is lucky guest #52! Chief Marketing Officer at Curalate, Matt is also the Vice Chairman of the IMA and the force behind the IMA Certified Internet Marketer Program. Before joining Curalate in May of 2015, Matt was Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at Adobe for over seven years. As CMO at Curalate, Langie is responsible for marketing the company’s new breed of marketing tools for the visual web, starting with Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. His responsibilities span marketing strategy, messaging & positioning, demand generation, corporate communications, pricing & packaging, sales enablement, competitive intelligence and thought leadership.


Curalate (@Curalate) is the leading platform for monetizing imagery. It offers the most comprehensive solution available for brands and agencies looking to measure, monitor, and grow brand engagement on today’s visual web. Curalate is backed by top tier venture capitalists including NEA and First Round Capital, and is in use by over 600 brands and agencies including Michael Kors, Kraft Foods, Real Simple, Edelman Digital, and GroupM Next. Marketing and ecommerce teams view Curalate as a partner, not just a vendor.


“Human beings are visual animals. So it’s no surprise the internet has evolved from a text-based medium to a visual medium.” – Matt Langie


Welcome to episode 52 of IMA Leader! We’re exactly one year old this week. We started on the heels of IMPACT14 and, as this show is released, thousands of us are being educated and entertained at IMPACT15. If you are with us at the conference right now, I hope you’ve found a chance to find me and introduce yourself. If you couldn’t make it this year, be part of the social conversation with hashtag #IMPACT15.


In this episode, Dominick and Matt talk about images and how the consumer experience is improved by making images clickable, leading direct to purchase. Companies can monetize their images and customers can get what they want easily. It’s a win-win and Curalate is on the cutting edge of this with huge brands jumping on board. Listen to hear how companies like Lucky, Nordstrom, Target, and Lilly Pulitzer are on the cutting edge.


Also, join Matt the the Curalate team for a webinar on October 8th at 11am Pacific. More info here curalate.com/imawebinar


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Curalate Resources and Success Stories: www.curalate.com/resources/#case-studies

See it in action: like2b.uy/nordstrom

The IMA recently completed a special report on the State of Visual Commerce on behalf of Curalate. This special report details valuable insights marketers and business leaders can use to maximize the return on investment seen from visual commerce. Join webinar on October 8th here: curalate.com/imawebinar

Impact 15:

Happening now! September 23-25 in the beautiful Aria in Las Vegas! impact15.org. Lots of special guests, events, and presentations. Find Dominick and introduce yourself! He will also be on the Showcase Exhibitor Hall floor from 5-7pm on Thursday the 24th interviewing top guests and looking for questions and comments from the audience. Tweet with #IMPACT15 or stop by!


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