054 Live from #IMPACT15, IMA Chairman and CEO of evite


Victor-Cho-7021-2-1144x707Sinan Kanatsiz (@SinanKanatsiz) and Victor Cho (@Evite_CEO) join host Dominick Sirianni in a two part interview live from #IMPACT15 at the Aria Conference Center in Las Vegas. Sinan is Founder and Chairman of the IMA and Victor Cho is the CEO of evite.



With more than 22 million registered users and over 25,000 invitations sent each hour, Evite (@evite) is the top online invitation and social planning website. Their goal is to increase meaningful human connection and make it easier to bring people together online and offline.


“If I asked you to be on the IMA Podcast Show, what’s the first answer that comes to mind?” Sinan Kanatsiz

“Sure. Yes!” Victor Cho, CEO of evite


Whether or not you were able to join us at historic #IMPACT15 in September, you can hear highlights right here on the IMA Leader podcast. Dominick’s first installment is with IMA founder and one of the most notable names to have appeared on stage, Victor Cho. Hear what they discussed at the Oracle Marketing Cloud Exhibition Booth moments after the keynotes wrapped up before dinner on Thursday evening. This episode was published in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud at IMPACT15 in Las Vegas.

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Want to hear more from Victor? He also appeared on Episode 031 and Episode 032 of the show.

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