#IMPACT15 Live Interviews Out Now!

2015_10_f3By Laura Petersen, Co-Founder, Student-Tutor; IMA Leader, Internet Marketing Association

As we come off the high of the spectacular #IMPACT15 and return to normal daily working life, the bright lights of Las Vegas and memories of networking with industry leaders from around the globe start to fade. But wait!

That doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful insights and growth yet to be had! And if you were not able to attend this year, fear not.

Luckily for us all, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Station facilitated a series of interviews during the showcase reception that were caught on audio and video. Host of IMA Leader Dominick Sirianni recently started releasing interview highlights on the show.

The first of these interviews was with the IMA’s very own Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz who revealed behind the scenes facts about the IMA, accelerating innovation, growing IMA.World (from Jakarta, to United Arab Emigrants, to Canada, and beyond!), and predictions for the future of marketing before he caught the eye of evite CEO Victor Cho who was passing by. Sinan motioned him over.

“If I asked you to be on the IMA Podcast Show, what’s the first answer that comes to mind?” He asked Victor. The reply? “Sure. Yes!”

From there Dominick and Victor jumped into a fascinating discussion about evite’s 2 billionth party invitation, global ubiquitous connectivity, whether or not we should be afraid of increasing artificial intelligence, and where marketing is going in the future.

Listen to the full episode here: 054: Sinan Kanatsiz and Victor Cho

The second interview shared with us from the live event was with Christoph Trappe, named Internet Marketer of the Year the day following the recording of this interview.

“People have the right to participate in their own stories publicly. This is the participation age, not the industrial age.” Christoph Trappe

Christoph has taken an active role both online and offline and shared valuable advice about how telling your story in an authentic way and building a community (instead of just trying to make one sale and run) is the recipe for significant and long-term success in marketing and business. He shares how he manages to tweet and blog so regularly despite being ‘too busy to blog.’ He makes time and shares tips for how you can too.

Listen to full episode here: 055: Internet Marketer of the Year, Christoph Trappe (audio)
Watch and listen here! 055: Internet Marketer of the Year, Christoph Trappe (video)

To get the most recent releases of more interviews with top names in marketing, business, and more, subscribe to the podcast on itunes or stitcher. Dominick and the IMA Leader team will continue to share the best content from #IMPACT15 in the coming weeks!

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