057: Part 2 | Rebuilding Your Dream: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Disenchantment with Culture Warrior and Fibernetics President, John Stix


JohnStixFiberneticsJohn Stix (@John_Stix) is the President and Co-founder of Fibernetics, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada. As a sought-after professional speaker and highly successful business owner, John Stix sums up his guiding principle in two words – Chain Reaction. John truly believes that those who are aligned with their mission in life create a series of events that affect everyone they encounter.



Fibernetics is one of Canada’s fastest growing telecommunications companies whose rapid success has been leveraged by a marriage of established legacy systems with emerging Internet protocol based technologies.


“There was this amazing gravitational pull because people wanted to be a part of this vibrancy that was created within our company.” – John Stix


In Part 1 of the conversation with John, he and Dominick talked about his journey from starting a telecommunications company as a bootstrapping entrepreneur who faced challenges including two devastating setbacks. Through these obstacles and losing passion for the company he started, he realized the incredible importance of company culture and not losing sight of what is truly important.

This Part 2 of the conversation is a video recording of John’s closing keynote speech at #IMPACT15 in Las Vegas this past September. Earning the first ever standing ovation at an IMPACT presentation, people raved about this talk and it is well worth a watch and listen.

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