Email professionals can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound

2015_11_f6By Holly Enneking, Sr. Manager, Marketing, Return Path

Email professionals can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. They aren’t shape-shifters or even mind-readers — although many wish they were. They’re just regular people like you and me.

So why would we call an email marketer or email security professional a “hero”? The answer is simple: in today’s world, countless businesses rely on email.

In this guide, we share a few of these heroes’ stories, including:

  • How Cedar Fair uses ESP to increase customer engagement
  • How IHG uses x-ray vision to reduce complaints and increase security
  • How Publishers Clearing House uses captivating creative to increase click-throughs and conversions

Download the eBook and Protect the Email Universe.

You can also share your email superpower on Twitter using the hashtag #EmailHeroes. Tell us your email origin story or nominate a colleague who’s a true email hero and enter to win a $500 American Express gift card. Official rules and contest details can be found here.

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