Top Challenges Marketers Face When Targeting SMBs

2015_11_f1By Stephanie Kong, Radius Product Marketing Manager

Radius recently partnered with the CMO Council to host a series of dinners in locations throughout the U.S. It was a great opportunity to speak directly with B2B marketing leaders on the challenges they face in targeting small and medium-sized businesses.

While in Seattle — home to many notable tech and telecommunications companies — attendees shared three major challenges in targeting SMBs:

  1. Targeting SMBs in a scalable, resource-effective manner. While companies often employ account-based marketing techniques in order to engage enterprise level customers, the same amount of time often cannot be devoted to the copious number of smaller businesses.
  2. Engaging SMBs with the right content, at the right place and the right time. A business application company told us that SMBs comprise their fastest growing segment but that they need to build awareness without traditional media.
  3. Deriving usable and actionable insights from a wealth of data. A business application company told us that their dedicated team of data scientists provides “too much information and data” and that they need to simplify the process in order to focus on key measures of success.

This was incredibly helpful feedback. Understanding that B2B marketers are trying to target SMBs at scale while trying to determine the best channels for effective messaging confirmed to us the need to facilitate the flow of actionable customer insights. It also validated for us how predictive analytics is vital in providing the insights needed to power more effective campaigns to identify and engage hard-to-reach SMBs.

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