062: Live from IMPACT15, President of Crexendo, Doug Gaylor


ep62Doug Gaylor (@douggaylor) serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of Crexendo. Prior to ascending to the role of President, Mr. Gaylor was Vice President of Sales for the company, a position he held since joining the company in 2009.


Crexendo Inc. (@crexendo) is a full-service cloud solutions provider that delivers critical voice and data technology infrastructure services to the startup, small business, and small enterprise markets.


“You can’t do one thing well if you’re trying to concentrate on ten different things.” – Doug Gaylor

In this Conversation We Cover:

–    The impact that mobile marketing has on the telecommunications industry.  

–    Why many companies aren’t recording phone conversations from a customer service and sales perspective and what that means for their business.

–    How Crexendo utilizes internet marketing and branding campaigns to get in front of their target audience.

–    The mistake many companies make by trying to focus on ten different things rather than doing one really well.

–    How to identify potential problems in your existing “legacy” phone systems.


In this conversation Doug and Dominick sit down to discuss the telecommunications industry and the effect new technologies have on the small businesses that rely on it. Every organization utilizes a telecommunications system as a primary tool for one-to-one communications, but the fact is that 80% of these organizations are still using outdated or “legacy” systems. This can have a drastic effect overtime on their ability to improve their sales process or customer service. During this chat, Doug identifies this problem and shares what he believes is the best solution.

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