063: Founder and CEO of Baker Street Solutions, Don Donovan


dd-smallDon Donovan is the founder and CEO of a digital behavioral economics and predictive modeling firm, and advertising agency in San Francisco known as Baker St. He founded Baker St. in 2002 and has since served more than half of the Fortune 500 to bring over $5 billion of new products and services to the market.



Baker Street was honored at the IMA’s IMPACT15 as our 2015 agency of the year for their unique, integrated approach to predictive modeling, compelling creative and proven campaigns.

Baker St. Solutions exists to help companies and brands build successful new product initiatives, perfect their brand positioning, and provide significant quantitative confidence to invest in their businesses.

Baker St. Advertising is an integrated advertising, brand management, and marketing investigation agency.


“Make the complex simple by using the existing attitudes and behaviors of your audience.” – Don Donovan

In This Conversation We Cover:

–      How Baker St. created a successful award-winning campaign for the San Francisco Giants by speaking directly to the end consumer.

–      How to use window-pane segmentation to simplify the process of creating targeted campaigns.

–      The number one thing that stood out to Don during the #Impact15 conference.


In this conversation Don and Dominick sit down to discuss Don’s integrated advertising and predictive modeling agency, Baker St. Solutions. Live from the Oracle Marketing Booth at #Impact15, Don knocks it out of the park immediately by giving us the inside scoop on how they created a successful campaign for the San Francisco Giants. He discusses a process known as “window-pane segmentation” and how it can be used to simplify the seemingly complex. Finally, he shares the results of speaking directly with the end consumer and reverse engineering a campaign based on their authentic attitudes, behaviors, and ideals. You won’t want to miss this one as there is plenty to learn from the CEO of Baker St, Don Donovan.


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