Predictive Analytics: Go Beyond Lead Scoring

By Shari Johnston, VP of Demand Generation, Radius

Predictive analytics is considered synonymous with lead scoring. Many products alleviate the problem of low lead quality by applying business signals to a company’s CRM data to filter out the high quality leads from what is otherwise noise.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to predictive marketing business benefits. From lowering customer acquisition costs to helping companies optimize go-to-market activities, predictive analytics can improve upon many of the challenges that plague marketing and sales leaders. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs. New advertising technologies allow marketers near laser precision in targeting; however, marketers must still determine which prospects are worth targeting. Predictive analytics lets you analyze your customer wins so that you can launch look-alike campaigns and tailor messaging. By effectively targeting prospects that resemble your best customers, you can run more targeted efforts that convert at a higher rate, thus lowering customer acquisition costs.
  • Prioritize outbound efforts. Lead scoring is a good option for companies swimming in inbound interest; however, not all companies have such campaign “champagne problems.” With outbound being an increasingly important strategy in high competition markets—especially when there is great value to being first to market—predictive analytics can help you run more targeted, high engagement and high ROI campaigns.

We will discuss these and other high impact predictive analytics use cases during a webinar on January 27th. Jay Famico, SiriusDecisions Practice Director for Technology and Services, will present the many ways that predictive analytics generates powerful insights to drive demand and business results.

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