065 – Live From IMPACT15, Director of Infrastructure at Ytel, Drew Matthews


065 - Drew MatthewsDrew Matthews is the Director of Infrastructure at Ytel. He is in charge of the security for Ytel’s Networking, Systems, and Programming avenues.




Ytel (@AskYtel) is a software communications firm with a passion to help businesses better communicate with leads, prospects, and customers.


“When running marketing and sales campaigns it’s really important to ensure that you have the systems in place to manage the increase.” – Drew Matthews

In this Conversation We Cover:

–  How Ytel is preparing for the transition to mobile marketing and the potential increase in inbound calls that comes with that.

–  What factors to consider as the weight on your infrastructure gets heavier.

–  Why you need to meet your client requirements and scale with them.


In this conversation Drew and Dominick discuss the role Ytel plays in the communications industry and how they started by identifying a small opening in the industry. Drew goes on to share some of the factors he has to consider in his role as the Director of Infrastructure and the key principles he applies at Ytel to help ensure the company can meet their client’s needs. Finally, Drew shares why it is important to maximize your value to a client in order to grow with them.

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