Managing Effective Territory and Vertical Campaigns

By Max Nicassio, Customer Success Manager, Radius

Earlier this month, I presented a webinar about the best practices when targeting by territories (also called geographies) and verticals (also called industries), including where predictive analytics can be beneficial in creating strong strategies and effective go-to-market.

During the webinar, I received a question from an attendee about the ideal cadence for using predictive analytics, especially in the context of planning and creating pipeline for geography or industry-organized teams.

Being in the technology field, we often talk about speed and flexibility—that you can use our product to immediately understand, plan and then deploy campaigns. However, we also acknowledge that when it comes to territory planning and setting, it does not help to constantly change sales team member assignments, especially when it often takes many months to meaningfully engage, build relationships and finalize deal terms.

Many of our customers use our platform on a quarterly or annual basis, to make sales team assignments and then give them the space to execute on these plans. In some ways, their use of our predictive analytics platform is akin to the adage “measure twice, cut once.” They use the platform to understand the total addressable market, assessing where they are most likely to see success based on historical performance. Using these insights, they can more confidently make assignments, thus setting sales reps up for success.

To read more about the benefits about using predictive analytics when managing territory or vertical-organized teams, you can visit the Radius blog to read my original post.

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