068 – Live from IMPACT15, Founder of Student Tutor and IMA Partner, Laura Petersen



laura-petersen-ima-podcastLaura Petersen (@lsp_s) is the co-founder of Student-Tutor as well as a partner here at the IMA. An entrepreneur, lifelong learner, and master teacher, Laura loves finding ways to do better with less and leverage tools and tricks for better efficiency, productivity, and fun. She helps the IMA with podcast write-ups, social media, and articles inspired by the guests.



“You can’t do it all yourself. Delegate more, empower people more, give them wings and they’ll really impress you.” – Laura Petersen

In this Conversation We Cover:

–  Her experiences at IMPACT15 and her main takeaways.

–  The main difference between IMPACT14 and IMPACT15.

–  Laura’s role in producing the IMA Leader podcast.

–  Why you need to delegate tasks in your business.

–  Laura’s advice for new Internet Marketers.


In this conversation Laura and Dominick discuss her experiences at IMPACT15 and her main takeaways, the differences between IMPACT14 and IMPACT15, how the conference has helped her to grow her own business, how new internet marketers can step into the game with no prior experience.

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