070 – Sinan Kanatsiz and an IMA Update


Sinan Kanatsiz (@sinankanatsiz) is chairman and CEO of KCOMM, an internet marketing company founded by Kanatsiz in 1998. He is chairman and co-founder of the Anaheim International Film Festival, and the Internet Marketing Association. In 2010, he was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve on the State Assistance Fund for Enterprise, Business and Industrial Development Corporation. Previously, he was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve on the U.S. small business administration’s National Advisory Council.


“There’s nothing in the world that a person can’t do if you’re willing to take that first step forward”

In this Conversation We Cover:

– What’s happened at the IMA since the IMPACT conference last September

– The introduction of the IMA’s premium membership network.

– The future of the IMPACT conference.

– How we’ll start having sub-conferences each year.

– The certified internet marketer certification.

– Takeaways from past events.

– The future of digital marketing and human connections.

– What to expect at IMPACT 16


In this conversation Sinan and Dominick sit down to discuss what has happened at the IMA since last September’s IMPACT conference, the unveiling of IMA’s premium membership program, and what you can expect from the IMA and IMPACT conference in 2016. Sinan then goes on to share his thoughts on the future of marketing and the role that human connections will play in our industry. Don’t miss this one as it’s packed with value-bombs galore.

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