071 – Live from IMPACT15, Digital Marketing Manager at Life Fitness, Jeff Sanders


Jeff Sanders (@jsand4mayor) is the VP of Digital Marketing at Life Fitness. He manages the digital web marketing strategy for the global Life Fitness brand. Since joining the Life Fitness team back in October of 2014, Jeff has defined the roadmap for the web portfolio including 20 international markets. He’s collaborated with the CRM, analytics, and international teams to establish best practices, and he’s played a major role in increasing online revenue and offline impact.

The Company:

Life Fitness (@LifeFitness) is a global leader in fitness equipment. They manufacture and sell strength and cardio machines in more than 120 countries.


“Football is a technique game, sometimes it takes extra effort to get it right but once you do everything is easier. It’s the same for marketing” – Jeff Sanders

In this Conversation We Cover:

– How Life Fitness deals with being a Global company

– How to change the marketing message of our company to localize it in specific areas.

– Why it’s important to keep your message consistent across all social channels.

– How Life Fitnss ensues that their messaging never gets annoying

– How playing college football can relate to marketing


In this conversation Jeff  and Dominick sit down to discuss his role at Life Fitness, how his team manages a global brand and what you can do to stay more consistent in your own business, and how playing college football prepared him to enter the world of marketing. This episode is sure to leave you with quite a few ideas that you can start implementing immediately in your own career.


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