6 Tracks to Success: How Modern Marketing Works for You

By Michal Fitzgerald, Marketing Communications Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Digital marketing. It all seems so complex. But it’s a lot simpler than it appears. That’s because successful Modern Marketers organize their thinking and focus on these six concepts:

Cross-Channel Orchestration
Connect web, email, social, mobile, and display advertising using to orchestrate personal customer experiences across all channels.

Marketing Automation
Streamline, automate, and measure marketing communications using automation and workflows to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue.

Social and Content Marketing
Use social marketing capabilities to engage customers and align products and services with individual needs, and lead prospects through the buying process for your brand.

Mobile Engagement
Reach customers immediately on their terms by delivering relevant interactions in real time to drive more app revenue with better targeting and engagement.

Data Management and Programmatic Advertising
Use data management to organize, optimize, and activate data types that are targeted to deliver more customer value and return on your advertising spend.

Optimization and Personalization
Measure your campaigns to drive higher conversion rates and generate insights about your customers through testing, insights, and personalization.

Why these areas? Because they are the ones that Modern Marketers around the world hold in common when they achieve success.

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