Visual Commerce 101: 3 Ways to Drive Revenue With Images

Today, 2.6 billion images will be shared by consumers across the world.

The Internet Marketing Association has recently completed a special report on the State of Visual Commerce on behalf of Curalate. This special report details valuable insights including the fact that only 7% of marketers believe their visual content is “very successful” in supporting their overall marketing goals.

We invite you to a live webinar on March 30th at 10am Pacific. Visual marketing leaders from the IMA, Curalate, and will be answering questions and discussing how marketers can:

  • Consistently create and curate fresh, inspiring content
  • Harness your visual data to identify images that your customers will love
  • Measure the ROI on your visual marketing efforts across channels

You invest a great deal in sourcing authentic, lifestyle-oriented images to support your brand. Integrating those images into your acquisition, traffic, and commerce strategies can generate significant revenue.

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