Late Night Fun, with Big Ideas, The Downtown Podcast!

By Akil Evans, Marketing Manager, Downtown Podcast Las Vegas

Celebrate community and opportunity at the television show with Late Night Fun with Big Ideas, The Downtown Podcast! The Downtown Podcast is what you would get if “TED talks produced a late talk show”. It’s more than a show—it’s a lifestyle to create an impact in the perception of our city by highlighting the intelligent and creative personality of Downtown Las Vegas. We are a community-focused non-profit delivering powerful content to entertain, inform and inspire. Because we are family, because we are unstoppable, because we are Las Vegas and Las Vegas is much more than ‘Sin City”! RSVP on the website and join us in the Inspire Theater in Downtown Las Vegas every Thursday night at 9 PM for our live recordings.

If you can’t make it for a live TV recording, then you can watch the Downtown Podcast on YouTube.

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