IMA Launches Certification Program, in Partnership with Target Marketing University

In the rapidly-changing world of Internet Marketing, successful marketers must anticipate and monitor trends, get educated about best practices, and stay keenly informed across all aspects of the field. The Internet Marketing Association (IMA) has teamed up with Target Marketing University (TMU) to provide you with the foundational Internet marketing education needed to succeed in today’s fast-changing online business environment. This certification course is divided into six lesson areas, culminating in a final exam to certify your Internet marketing knowledge, including:

Build a Foundation

Gain a broad understanding of the fundamentals of Internet Marketing to maximize your career potential

Develop a Strategy

Discover how to use Internet Marketing best practices to develop winning strategies for your business

Maximize Results

Grow your career success, while growing your business success.

  1. Overview of Internet Marketing: The broad array of digital marketing including social media, mobile marketing, and online analytics
  2. Online Acquisition: Search marketing, display advertising, search engine optimization
  3. Online Conversion: Site personalization, online A/B and multivariate testing, content targeting, dynamic recommendations
  4. Online Retention: Email marketing, online surveys, voice of customer (VOC) strategies
  5. Online Analytics & Measurement: Measuring website performance with digital analytics, business goals and standard metrics to consider, tactics for telling “stories” with data to drive better online business decisions
  6. Data-Driven Marketing: Creating a culture and decision-making practices based on data, developing closed-loop marketing strategies and programs
    Course Details

You will learn from experienced Internet marketing practitioners drawing from decades of combined Internet marketing experience at pioneering companies such as Microsoft, Omniture, Adobe, Foresee, and others. You will gain highly sought-after information delivered with the ease and convenience of the IMA online learning platform.

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