Read, Inbox, or Spam?

By Harris Mu, Chairman, IMA Indonesia

Email Marketing is one of the most crucial pieces to the success of digital marketing in any business, but many entrepreneurs and marketing managers are not utilizing their tools effectively.

This past week in Jakarta, Indonesia the IMA Jakarta group hosted a very successful event based around thought leadership pertaining to growing your business with Email Marketing. The event “Read, Inbox, or Spam?” hosted four of the top digital marketers in Indonesia for a dynamic panel on this issue.

Tanya Tiwary of netCORE, Aerean Ismail of LinkedIn, Natali Ardianto of, and Indra Jaya of IMA Indonesia all participated in the panel, which will be the first of many for the growing digital marketing movement in Southeast Asia.

At the IMA, we strive to support digital marketing thought leaders around the globe, in their mission to educate, inform and empower.

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