How Google’s Removal of Right Side Ads Will Impact Advertisers

By Frederick Vallaeys, CEO, Optmyzr

Google made a big change this month in how it displays ads on its search results pages. They will no longer serve text ads on the right side of the organic results, a location where there used to be as many as 9 text ads before. Instead of showing up to 11 ads on a page, there is now only room for 7 ads. While this is a 36% decrease in the number of ads that can show, Google’s Former AdWords Evangelist, Frederick Vallaeys, predicts this will result in 18% more clicks for advertisers without changing anything to their accounts. While the removal of ads may sound like a negative, this looks like a big win for Google and for advertisers.

Read more on who the winners and losers are in this big shake-up of the Google search results pages on the Optmyzr blog.

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