079 – Jeff Sanders, Digital Marketing Manager, Life Fitness


Jeff Sanders (@jsand4mayor) is focused on creating impactful customer experiences via digital technologies. Since joining the Life Fitness Digital Marketing team in October of 2014, he has defined the roadmap for the international web portfolio to drive online revenue, increase lead generation and create offline impact.


Life Fitness (@LifeFitness) is a global leader in fitness equipment. They manufacture and sell strength and cardio machines in more than 120 countries.


“We’re challenging the old approach to service businesses by building ongoing relationships with our customers.” – Jeff Sanders

In This Episode:

  • How Jeff used the school of hard knocks to carve out his space at Life Fitness.
  • How LifeFitness is using technology and language partners to efficiently manage an international presence.
  • The convergence between marketing technology and marketing psychology.
  • An inside look at Life Fitness’ transformation of their marketing strategy.
  • How Jeff Sanders developed the moniker “JSand for Mayor”.

Job Postings:
Director of Marketing for XCeed Prepatory Acedmy.
VP of Marketing for niche.com

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