080 – Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship featuring Egil Moller Nielson pt 1


Egil Moller Nielsen (@EgilMNielsen) is the Senior Vice President at SmartCentres and brings years of global experience in senior executive roles for most admired brands like LEGO Group, Bodum Coffee & Tea, ECCO Shoes, Mattel, DHL and latest at SmartCentres.


SmartCentres is Canada’s largest developer and operator of unenclosed shopping centres.  Their 200+ locations across Canada offer some of the best commercial retail space in the country bringing shoppers the perfect combination of convenience, value and the most popular retail concepts.


“We wanted to offer something that prioritized our consumer’s convenience.” – Egil Moller Nielsen

In This Episode:

  • Why supply chain and logistics is a great first job to get a “global” experience of the world.
  • What it was like working at LEGO during its turnaround period.
  • Why he was hesitant to accept another job in the toy industry.
  • How SmartCentres developed the idea for Penguin pickup and Penguin Fresh.
  • How paying attention to the direction the world is going can lead to great ideas.



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