Saving Face-to-Face Connections in a Digital World

By Cassandra Martinez, Marketing Communications Manager, Evite

The digital world and the real one are at crosses. As our society grows more and more digitally connected, tech companies face the challenge of creating new, in-person connections between their users, rather than isolating individuals to their devices.

The state of memorable and meaningful face-to-face interactions is threatened by various neurological and anthropological factors, from our inability to multitask when on our devices to growing media prevalence and suburbanization. Then comes this paradox: in a world more digitally connected, are we actually more isolated? Has the family dinner been replaced by social media messages?

For companies like Evite, connectivity is not just one component — it’s the goal. Evite’s mission focuses less on the digital product and more on the end result: facilitating easy and meaningful face-to-face meetings.

“We frame our product vision around preserving those face-to-face connections and implement features that will make it even easier for people to get together,” said Victor Cho, Chief Executive Officer at Evite. “We’re worried we’re going to lose that connectivity. That’s why we do what we do.”

Meanwhile, our executives at Evite are talking with experts in academia about the repercussions of less substantive digital interactions in hopes of better understanding how to traverse the path.