Top 5 Ways to Always be Promoting (ABP)

By Mike Brown, CEO,

I coined the phrase “Always Be Promoting” a couple months ago and now have ranked my top 5 ways to execute on it! After reading this article, you will be living the ABP life in no time.

#5 – Establish a presence & be regularly active on every major social media platform.

You can’t ignore any of them. Facebook, instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat are the top platforms. Each of them serve a different purpose, but are essential to promoting your business or personal brand. In today’s world, those who have a strong identity and platform on every social media platform have a much stronger voice with a further reach than people who have chosen not to be on social media. It is no longer a choice to be on social media, it’s a requirement in business and personal branding.

#4 – Ask questions, then answer them.

Sometimes the best forms of promoting yourself or your company come from asking a question to engage people in your audience. People like to voice their opinion. Give them that opportunity and it can serve you well. By engaging with your audience and allowing them to ask you questions, you are increasing their buy-in and commitment to you. You will have their complete attention when you ask a question and they ask it to you. Then, deliver a profound answer that will help them and keep them coming back for more.

#3 – Create an emotional connection with anybody that can help you promote.

Don’t be shy to ask for your connections to mention or refer you to their own networks. Ask for positive reviews or referrals. Don’t assume they will do them if you don’t ask. I have learned that if you want to receive a certain behavior from a customer, supplier, or colleague, it’s best to ask them directly for what you want. Never make an assumption that they will just do it. Ask for it!

#2 – Identify buzz builders in your community and share your content with them.

Your content is only as strong as the number of people that see it. A smart way to get more viewers to the content you have created or any message you are trying to get out there is to create alliances with people that can amplify your content. I call them “Buzz Builders”. Who do you know that already has an audience. Find ways to create win-wins with them to share your content. Don’t be selfish, be helpful and create that win-win scenario. If you can do this with multiple buzz builders, you will have multitudes of eyes on your content & messaging.

#1 – Pay attention to what you’re doing every day, and tell the story.

Your content is all around you. Your life is your content. Document it, take photos of it, video it. Then share it. This is promoting 101, but it is so often forgotten it is shocking. Something I hear too often is “I just don’t have anything interesting or worthwhile to share.” This is a self-limiting belief that you must shake if you are going to Always Be Promoting (ABP). Recognize the moments in your life where you have the opportunity to create meaningful and entertaining content. A best practice here is to calendar as many of your activities as possible. When you wake up, look at your calendar and identify what the content-worthy times will be. By identifying them based on your calendar, you will be prepared to capture the content when the moment arrives. Don’t let the moments slip by you – be ready and do it.

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