Revolutionary ThinAir Data Security Solution Announced

Security start-up ThinAir labs is launching their product at the Black Hat cybersecurity show in Las Vegas this year.  The company pre-publicized the launch July 26th with a press release and along with a new website at

For the last three years, ThinAir has been quietly working on a mission that will change the way security products are built. Their goal is to protect organizations with security through simplicity — building incredible protections that allow everyone, not just security professionals, to keep their most important files safe.

The company is now ready to deliver their exciting new product that provides unprecedented control and visibility to data, and is easy to implement and use.  They will be displaying the product at Black Hat and providing demonstrations on the unique power and simplicity of the ThinAir platform.

To learn more about ThinAir, sign up on their website or follow them on Twitter @thinairlabs