This Finnish company growing 300% per year is bidding for a big piece of the $30 billion Virtual Reality-pie

By Vilhelm Carlström, Business Insider

Growing at a rate of more than 300% a year makes the Finnish ad tech company Kiosked one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe. Founded 2010 in Helsinki, Kiosked can now be found in London, Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Shenzhen.

The success is based on an Advertising Automation Platform helping publishers improve their advertisement inventory and giving advertisers access to high performance ads and the ability to publish programmatically across many publishers at once – along with many other benefits of automation.

Now Kiosked is making a move towards the virtual reality market.

After Pokémon Go phenomenon noone can doubt VR and AR (augmented reality) tech will be huge. According to Tech M&A advisory firm Digi-Capital, virtual reality is expected to be a $30 billion market by 2020. Kiosked is already putting VR-products out there.

In Kiosked’s immersive mobile ad campaign for Hong Kong Airlines, you can get the 360 degree VR experience of being in one of Hong Kong Airlines planes on your phone or computer.

The ad campaign was a huge success, delivering 36 times higher click through rate and 9 times longer viewing time than for average mobile ads. Just like for video ads a decade ago – consumers are fascinated by the new technology.

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