Marketing Rockstars At IMPACT16

This year at IMPACT16, 20 global CMOs will address some of the most important marketing issues to face companies in 2017.

There will be 2 separate Marketing Rockstar Panels.

Marketing Rockstars I with facilitator Tim Moran of Adobe will cover Beyond Brand Marketing – The Brand as Publisher: What Can We Do? Panelists will include Erik Robinson of AAA Auto Club, Erin Lezvow of Freebird, Emily Washcovick of Yelp, Whitney Vosburgh of HPE and Mary Hines of Citibank.

Marketing Rockstars II with facilitator Bryan Rand of TransPerfect will cover Best Practices in Driving Global Customer Experience: Brand, Offerings, Touch Points, and Advocacy. Panelists include Grant Johnson of Lexmark, Kathie Johnson of Demandware, Dean Hollander of Renovate America, Mark Gambill of MicroStrategy Inc. and Alma Derricks of Cirque du Soleil.


Are you ready to ROCK?!


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