IMA Launches Women’s Leadership Group at IMPACT16 Designed to Create Enriching Experiences

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Internet Marketing Association (IMA) announced today the launch of its Women’s Leadership Group (WLG), an exclusive global community designed to create enriching experiences for both business and personal endeavors. The four key pillars of the WLG are Lead, Link, Live and Laugh.

“The WLG is different from any other women’s group or network. And that is by design. We take a personal interest in every member and help them achieve their personal goals,” noted WLG Chair Jeanniey Mullen. “That can take the form of making introductions to other members, helping them promote themselves or their company, or keeping them up to date on the latest trends in wine and chocolate pairing. We want our members to be empowered to become their absolute best. We want to be their inspiration.”

IMA Launches Women's Leadership Group at IMPACT16 Designed to Create Enriching Experiences
IMA Launches Women’s Leadership Group at IMPACT16 Designed to Create Enriching Experiences

Launch of the Women’s Leadership Group was announced at the IMA IMPACT16 annual conference during a main stage keynote and panel featuring Mullen, Global Marketing Leader, Mercer’s North America Innovation Hub; Neda Eaton, CEO, Irvine Public Schools Foundation; Maci Peterson, Founder, On Second Thought; Petra Neiger, CEO, Red Pantz; Briana Ramos, CEO, The Buzz Brand; and Hope Frank, CMO, Kiosked.

“The IMA is committed to educating and engaging global leaders around mission critical trends and topics. The influence and impact that women have on our businesses and economy is immense. With the launch of the Women’s Leadership Group, we will ensure we provide an authoritative voice on these critical issues moving forward,” said IMA CEO Sinan Kanatsiz.

Amplifying exemplary women’s efforts and educating members on how to achieve notable status in leadership is just one area of focus for the Women’s Leadership Group. Other areas include using a white-glove approach to creating strong networking within the WLG and IMA, offering mid-life mentoring for those women needing advice on how to overcome obstacles in achieving personal or professional success, and sharing humorous life lessons with each other to constantly remind us of our human side.

“I’m thrilled to be invited to be a part of this initiative,” said Neiger. “I appreciate the fact that the WLG is focusing on these four pillars as it’s so important to have a balanced approach to life. I love meeting people and am looking forward to learning from everyone I come in contact with–both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to see what happens next! ”

Membership in the IMA Women’s Leadership Group starts with a nomination. To make a nomination, visit

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