How To Elevate B2B Data Accuracy With Customer Network Effects

By Amogh Mundhekar, Radius

“Your data is limiting your marketing effectiveness” It’s probably the point that stands out the most from my colleague Marina’s post on where B2B data falls short and how it affects marketers.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Marina’s post yet, take a few minutes and check it out. No, seriously… I’ll wait.

Okay, are you caught up? Great!

The reason I emphasize Marina’s post (besides my marketing team’s love for cross-linking) is the fact that it illustrates a serious problem with B2B data today – Marketers lack a source of truth for their data.

B2B data is usually siloed and fragmented across marketing stacks, and marketers lack a single source where they can get the latest, most accurate information about the businesses they’re targeting. This usually limits insights on target accounts and markets, muddles up campaigns with inaccurate targeting, and results in an overall decline of ROI on marketing spend.

So what can fix this data problem? I’m glad you asked.

As someone who loves creating things and lives & breathes all things product, I like to think of ways to solve problems. In fact, a lot of us at Radius do. That’s why we’re so excited about a key foundational aspect of our product (and the topic of discussion in this post) – Customer Network Effects.

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